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Japanese maple tree

How to prune a Japanese maple, and when to do it for the best results

Whether it's major pruning or more fine tuning, here are some tips on how to get your Japanese maple to look just right.
PIcking an apple from an apple tree

The 6 best zone 6 fruit trees you can grow for a delicious harvest

Sunlit garden path and flowers

If your yard gets a lot of afternoon light, these are the afternoon sun plants for you

Hackberry tree with hackberries at various stages of ripening

How to grow hackberry trees, a native tree with unique and tasty berries

Ripe loquats on a loquat tree

Loquat trees provide flowers, fruit, and even herbal tea! Here’s what you need to know about growing these useful plants

Quaking aspen trees

Quaking aspens are tall, beautiful, and easier to care for than you might expect

Indoor lemon tree in yellow pot

How to grow a Meyer lemon tree indoors

Bundles of cinnamon sticks tied together

How to grow a cinnamon tree for delightful homemade cinnamon sticks

A large maple tree with red leaves

Don’t wait until fall to plant an autumn blaze maple! Here’s how to plant your own today

Two strawberry tree fruits on a branch

This unusual fruit tree will delight you and your guests – how to grow a strawberry tree

A weeping willow in fall

Planting and caring for a willow tree, an elegant addition to any yard or garden

A tall loblolly pine

Why loblolly pines are great for privacy (and how to grow them)

A cluster of Bradford pear tree flowers on a branch

This is the popular tree for your garden more and more states are banning

The popular landscaping tree Callery pear is being banned in some states. Here's what you need to know about it.
A large maple tree with red leaves

Can you grow maple trees for homemade maple syrup? How to take care of them and harvest the sap

Growing a maple tree and collecting the sap for syrup is easier than you might think. Here's how.
Four cacao pods hanging from a tree

Growing cocoa plants in the U.S. is difficult (but not impossible): What we know

Are you interested in growing a cacao tree for delicious homemade chocolate? Here's what you need to know
A male cardinal in a bush with red berries

Create a cardinal bird sanctuary in your garden: Grow these plants

Cardinal birds love these plants. Add them to your garden to attract them.
Person planting a tree

Here’s when to plant a new tree to make sure it thrives in its new home

For healthy root growth, here's what you need to know before planting a tree sapling during winter dormancy.
Person pruning a tree

How to properly prune your trees in winter for healthy growth year-round

Properly prune your trees and shrubs this winter by following this guide.
Horizontal cordon pattern espalier tree

Your complete guide to espaliering: The unique feature perfect for small gardens

Want to grow trees in limited space? Try espaliering, a unique and beautiful way to grow trees.
A dogwood tree with white flowers in a field

How to plant and care for a dogwood tree

Have you always wanted a dogwood tree in your yard? Here's how to make that happen.
Bright red montmorency cherries on a tree

What to consider when planting cherry trees

Grow your own cherries to make sure you always have fresh fruit on hand. Set your fruit garden up for success with this cherry tree growers guide.
A young dogwood tree with pink flowers

How to plant a dogwood tree for a beautiful addition to your yard

Dogwoods are beautiful flowering trees. Here's everything you need to know about planting a dogwood tree in your yard.
A tree with orange and yellow fruit

When is the best time to graft your fruit trees? Here are our suggestions

Should you be grafting your fruit trees? Consider this
Pomegranate tree with ripening fruit

This is the best fertilizer for your pomegranate trees

Pomegranate trees need special care — these are the best types of fertilizers.
Garden with trees

5 silly tree myths we’re debunking this Arbor Day

Do you believe these tree misconceptions? Here are 5 tree facts you should know.
arborvitae trees in a line

Wondering how to grow an arborvitae tree? We have your answers

Arborvitae trees are popular in landscape design for a reason. Here's how to care for yours.
A cluster of black elderberries on red stems

How to plant elderberry in 6 simple steps

Follow this guide to successfully plant elderberry.
Crabapple tree in bloom

Crabapple trees offer 4 seasons of beauty – how to care for them

This is your care guide for a healthy, gorgeous crabapple tree.
palm leaves

What you need to know about growing and caring for the handsome jelly palm

How to grow and care for your won handsome jelly palm
Rosemary plant

How to grow your own rosemary, a versatile, savory herb

Rosemary is a versatile and savory herb. Here's how to grow your own

Make sure your lemon tree doesn’t suffer this winter. How to care for it

Don't let your lemon tree suffer this winter! Here's how to care for it
Small yard with well-designed landscaping

The 7 best dwarf trees to bring color and interest to your landscape design

If you don't have room for a big tree in your garden, consider one of these dwarf trees instead
man cutting tree branch with a chainsaw

Worried about safely trimming large tree branches? Here are some tips

Here are some tips for trimming that large tree branch you're worried about
A grove of olive trees

A guide to growing a thriving olive tree

Your olive tree will thrive if you follow this guide

The best indoor trees to add interest to your home decor

Considering an indoor tree? Here's how to pick the best one for your home