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Dogwood tree with pink flowers

How to care for your new dogwood tree this summer

Dogwood trees can bring year-round beauty to any yard. Here's how to take the best care of yours
A line of birches beside a river

The 5 best trees to grow if you live in a wet area

Not all trees are suited to be grown in wet areas. Here are best picks for the trees that will thrive
trees global warming oak tree summer

The 5 best trees to help offset global warming

Want to help fight global warming? These trees will help
Young seedling in gentle rain

Everything you need to know about planting a tree in wet soil

Here's what you need to know about planting trees in wet soil so they thrive
man and woman pruning an apple tree

What you need to know about how and when to prune apple trees

Apple trees need to be pruned and cared for. Here's how often you should be doing it
a white house with a manicured landscape

Flowering versus leafy trees: Which is right for your yard and garden?

Does your yard need a tree? Here's how to decide between flowering or leafy trees
A hand reaching up to pick a ripe red apple

How to prune your overgrown apple tree

Make sure your apple trees are ready for the harvest with our great pruner's guide
Close up of pink and white magnolia flowers

6 flowering trees everyone seems to love

These flowering trees are showstoppers -- here are our favorites
Small parlor palm on table, in a white pot.

Wo love these 5 small indoor palm trees for a year-round pop of color

These indoor palm plants are easy to grow, care for, and love
dwarf blue spruce in a garden

The 5 best patio trees to adorn your outdoor space

These patio trees will add a great accent to any size space
hands holding a tree sapling

6 ways you and your family can celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day means a great deal to many gardeners. Here's how you and your family can give it its due.
A cluster of juniper branches with bright blue berries

Your go-to guide for growing juniper trees

You want to grow juniper trees but worry they might need more care than you can give. Is that true?
A sunny orchard of citrus trees with yellowish citrus fruits

These 7 citrus trees varieties are a great addition to your garden

Plant these beautiful citrus trees for a beautiful yard -- and fresh fruit
Small palm tree with fan shaped leaves in a gray pot on a window sill.

Which types of palms will thrive in your home?

These types of palm trees will beautify every room of your house
Small fruit tree outside in a brown pot

Can you start a tree in a flower pot? It depends on the tree

Can you start growing a tree in a flower pot? Why, yes, you can! Here's how
Large pruning shears cutting a tree branch

Trimming vs pruning: What to choose based on your plants

When managing foliage, it's important to take good care of your plants. Here's how to know whether to trim or prune
A hand reaching up to pick a ripe red apple

Should you graft your fruit trees?

Grafting your fruit trees is important to encourage growth. Here's how to know when to start.
A row of sapling trees with a small black tube dripping water

Drip irrigation could save your trees – here’s how

If you have young trees, or trees that seem to be struggling, the answer may be drip irrigation. We show you what you need to know.
A fully grown tree with bushes and plants near a pond

How plants detect seasonal changes, and what it means for your garden

Plants change with the seasons, and it's important to know which ones are appropriate to each. We explain the changes for you.
Five small potted trees on a white background

How to grow trees in pots at home

Trees in pots can add an entirely new dimension to your garden or home. If this intrigues you, here we have the things you need to know.
Large oak tree with orange leaves in autumn

How do trees detect seasonal changes?

Why do trees know how and when to adjust to their surroundings, especially when it becomes autumn? We provide the answers.
Man on ladder trimming a tree

Gardening 101: The difference between pruning and trimming

You want ideas that will get you on the way to having a beautiful yard.  We give the tips you need regarding tree trimming and pruning.