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A container gardening display

Use these tips to start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter

Start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter by following this guide.
A person watering their houseplant

How much water do your houseplants need? Here’s a guide to houseplant water needs

Worried about how to water your houseplants? Don't overwater or underwater your indoor plants. Reach for this guide first!
A woman watering her indoor herbs

How to move your vegetable gardening indoors for a winter harvest

Add these plants to your garden this October so you can have a winter harvest.
A bucket of compost scraps

How often should you turn your compost pile? What you need to know

Composting is stinky, and turning your pile only makes things worse, but it's got to be done. Here's how often you should.
A large cactus with yellow spines

Confused and asking yourself, “What kind of cactus do I have?” – Here’s your guide to identifying cacti

Don't know a prickle pear from a pincushion? This guide will help you become an expert at identifying different types of cacti.
A rose plant with bright yellow blooms

Black spots on roses are signs of a fungus – here’s how to get rid of it

Are your roses infected with black spot disease? Here's how to treat the fungus and get your roses back into beautiful form.
Thrip on a plant leaf

How to get rid of thrips on houseplants

Houseplants or outdoor gardens can become infested with thrips. Here are some natural ways to get rid of them without using harmful insecticides.
Beautiful ripened tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes from seed for the biggest, most delicious haul

Nothing says summer like a ripe, juicy, bright red tomato. Here's how to grow tasty tomatoes from seeds for a yummy summer harvest.
An indoor gardener repotting a large houseplant

Here’s the easy houseplant care step you’ve been overlooking

Dusting your houseplants is an important part of your care routine. Here's what you need to know.
Materials for a spring garden

Our best tips and the dumbest mistakes to avoid when planning your spring garden

A guide on what to do and what not to do when planning your spring garden
Yellow hibiscus flower

A complete guide to caring for the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, a striking red plant

How to care for the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, a striking red plant
Sprigs of harvested lavender

Keep your lavender smelling sweet and floral by pruning it this spring

How to prune your lavender this spring to keep it fragrant and floral
An orchid potted indoors

Has your orchid outgrown its pot? How to repot without harming the plant

How to properly repot your orchid without hurting it
Vibrant bromeliad blooms

Wondering how to repot your bromeliad? We’ve got all your answers in this guide

How to successfully repot your bromeliad so it continues to thrive
A burrowing mole

How to get rid of those annoying, tunneling moles in your garden

How to keep those annoying moles out of your garden for good
An Opuntia stricta cactus

How to grow and care for the opuntia stricta, a popular cactus from Florida

How to grow and care for the opuntia stricta, a popular cactus from Florida
A pile of garden tools

3 easy gardening projects you can take care of over Presidents’ Day weekend

3 gardening projects you should take the time to do over Presidents' Day Weekend
Scale insects on a stem

Don’t let these common plant pests ruin things: what to do when you find them

Common plant pests you should watch out for and what to do when you find them
A small dandelion field

4 of the most common weeds you should be watching out for in your garden

Common weeds you should be watching for in your garden
A maidenhair fern close-up

7 amazing fern varieties you should consider adding to your garden this spring

7 of the best fern varieties for you to consider adding to your garden
A house with green grass

Frustrated by lawn drainage issues you can’t fix? Here are 4 solutions

Frustrated by your lawn's drainage issues? Try one of these solutions
A fresh bowl of Brussels sprouts

Wow guests at your next party—serve Brussels sprouts straight from the garden

Impress your dinner party guests by growing your own Brussels sprouts
Chopped cauliflower in a bowl

A guide to growing your own cauliflower and saving money at the grocery store

How to grow your own cauliflower for homegrown, nutritious dishes
A fresh beetroot harvest

Beets are nutritious and easy to grow—here’s how to get started

How to grow your own beets for a nutritious harvest
Potted marigolds

6 easy-care patio plants if you have a brown thumb but still want a jungle vibe

Turn your patio into a jungle by adding these easy-to-care-for plants to your collection
Harvested carrots on a wood background

Our complete guide to growing carrots

Everything you've ever wanted to know about growing your own carrots
A collection of potted snake plants

3 easy ways to propagate your snake plant so you can share the tropical love

How to propagate your snake plant to share the tropical love
A small potted dracaena marginata

How to grow and care for the dragon tree, a striking and exotic plant

Here's how to grow and care for the dragon tree, a striking, exotic plant.
An indoor garden humidifier

Good, better, best: A guide to the best humidifiers for your indoor garden

A guide to the best humidifiers for your indoor garden.
A large indoor cactus

Bring the desert indoors with these 5 attractive and large cactus plants

5 of the best cactus plants for bringing the desert indoors
A flowering tillandsia ionantha

How to grow a tillandsia ionantha, a colorful, blooming air plant

Tillandsia ionantha are a colorful, blooming air plant. Here's how to grow them!
Close-up of lemon lime dracaena leaves

How to care for your lemon-lime dracaena, a neon green beauty

Make sure your lemon-lime dracaena thrives by following this guide!
Hanging outdoor lights

5 outdoor lighting tips we learned from experience so you didn’t have to

5 outdoor lighting tips to keep in mind for the next time you're designing your landscape
An azalea plant grown indoors

What you need to know about growing beautiful azaleas indoors

Azaleas are beautiful, colorful plants. Our guide to growing them.
Houseplants under grow lights

A complete guide to the best lights to choose for your greenhouse

A guide to choosing the best lights for your greenhouse