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White mold growing on soil

How to prevent mold on your houseplant’s soil

Moldy indoor plants? No thanks. Here's how to combat fungus on your plant soil.
Woman with flower basket

7 gift basket must-haves for the gardener in your life

The next time you put together a gift for the gardener in your life, make sure it includes these items!
An assortment of hanging herbs

How often should you water your indoor herb garden?

Get your herb garden on a watering schedule with these helpful tips.
A selection of plants in hanging baskets

How to help your plants adjust to a new environment

Moving with plants is never an easy task! Here's how to help them adjust to their new home while you do the same.
A blooming medinilla magnifica plant

How to care for your medinilla magnifica

The medinilla is a beautiful plant, and we've put together the best care guide to keep it growing for years.
A ripe pomegranate that's cut open

How to grow pomegranates in a container at home

Start your own pomegranate tree today with these container gardening tips.
A gift basket full of flowers

8 clever items under $40 for your Mother’s Day gift basket

Wow your mom and inspire her gardening hobby with these amazing gift ideas.
Small indoor herb garden

Herbs that don’t need sunlight? Sounds crazy, but we found 8

Not all herbs need a sun-bathed kitchen to thrive. These love the shade.
A small houseplant collection

This is how oxygen-releasing plants can benefit your health

Plants that release oxygen are good for you and the environment. Here are the plants you should choose.
A bird of paradise planted outdoors

Successfully grow a bird of paradise houseplant with these tips

Bird of paradise plants can be tricky to maintain. Here's how to successfully do it at home.
A bouquet of calla lilies

How to plant calla lily seeds

You've started growing lilies indoors and now it's time to take them outside. This is our all-inclusive transplanting guide.
A medium-sized potted monstera

Bloomscape vs. The Sill: Which plant delivery service is best?

These two plant delivery services are popular, but which one is best for your needs?
Four bunches of unplanted parsley with roots

Start a water herb garden with our go-to guide

You can grow some herbs hydroponically! Here's where to start.
Harvested corn on the table

How to care for a corn plant indoors

Growing corn indoors? Sounds silly, but it can work out if you follow these care tips.
garden gift baskets ideas still life with pink hyacinth  tools and decorative heart

What to put in a gardening gift basket

Wow your loved one every time with these gift basket ideas!
Peas that have been shelled from their pods

How to grow peas indoors

Start growing peas indoors in just a few easy steps.
An assortment of potted herbs

You don’t need sunshine to start an herb garden

These different herbs thrive in the shade and other low-light spaces.
Two young children spraying a plant

The 5 gifts every beginner gardener needs

Give these fantastic gifts to the new gardener in your life.
A hydroponic setup with small plants

Put your basement to good use — start a hydroponic garden

You can grow a garden in your basement with these easy ideas
Hoya sweetheart

Instead of flowers, give your love one of these beautiful houseplants

Surprise your Valentine with a beautiful plant they can enjoy for years to come.
A person holding a potted plant

Start a back porch garden in 5 easy steps

Grow beautiful blooms on your porch. Here's how to start.
A woman holding a small houseplant

Are monthly plant subscriptions boxes worth your money?

These subscription boxes are great budget options for you or a beloved gardener.
A beautiful red rose bouquet in a wicker basket

Our favorite places to order fresh flowers online

Not all fresh flowers are the same! These are our favorite sites to source from.
A person grilling

Built-in grills make outdoor living better: These are the best

These are the best grills for any outdoor entertaining space.
design indoor garden room nature jpg

What is a garden room, and can you build one yourself?

Build a beautiful indoor green space with this guide.
nerdy valentines day gifts plant with gift tag jpg

We absolutely love these nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts (and so will they!)

These gifts will delight the plant geek in your life!
A patio filled with plants

Urban patio ideas to turn small spaces into lively gathering spots

Your small outdoor space can still wow guests! Here are some ideas.
An in-ground swimming pool

The 10 rules every backyard swimming area should have

Set rules for a safe and fun pool space. Here are our recommendations
A bench in an English garden

The English garden: How to know if it’s right for you

What's an English garden, and would it work for you? We break down everything you need to know.
Growing potatoes in a garden

3 of the best ways to grow organic potatoes in your garden

Grow your family some delicious organic potatoes by following these three steps.
Plant fertilized with pellets

Confused in the fertilizer aisle? Here’s how to choose what’s right for your plants

Choosing a fertilizer can be daunting, but this comprehensive guide makes it easy
An outdoor beige patio set

Choosing the best furniture for fun outdoor gatherings

You need the right furniture to host outdoor gatherings. Here's what to consider when purchasing patio furniture.
An outdoor built-in grill

Considering a built-in grill? Here’s what to think about

Not all built-in grills are the same. Here are our tips on how to choose the best grill for you.
Modern deck lighting

Modern lighting ideas to brighten any backyard space

Bring a touch of modern style to your backyard with this helpful outdoor lighting guide.
Team doing greenhouse pest control

The most common greenhouse pests and how to control them

Greenhouse pest control doesn't have to be taxing on your plants or your budget -- here's how to control the most common pests.