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A greenhouse in a home garden

Grow cold-hardy veggies in an unheated greenhouse this winter – here’s how

It's possible to grow cold-hardy veggies in an unheated greenhouse during the winter. Here's our complete guide.
A Christmas cactus in full bloom

How to care for a Christmas cactus, the festive, tropical plant

How to care for everyone's favorite, festive Christmas cactus.
A close-up of a poinsettia bloom

Poinsettias are classic holiday houseplants: How to plant and grow them

Bring festive cheer into your home this season with poinsettias. Here's how to grow and care for them.
A fresh holly branch

A complete guide to caring for the holly plant, a common symbol of Christmas

The holly plant is a classic symbol of Christmas. Here's how to care for it!
Lettuce in an outdoor garden with hay

The best vegetables to plant in December

Vegetables planted in December need to grow indoors, and then you transplant them in the spring. We list the ones that are most ideal for this.
A variegated Hoya kerrii

4 breathtaking hoya varieties that are perfect for beginners

Here are four breathtaking hoya varieties to add to your indoor garden.
Wintergreen basket

7 easy patio plants that will thrive into the cold winter months

Here are seven low-maintenance plants that will thrive on your patio through the winter cold.
Five grown tomatoes

Can you grow tomatoes indoors during the cold winter months?

Growing tomatoes inside during the winter is possible. If environment conditions are met, you'll enjoy a fresh indoor harvest!
Top-down view of a variegated potted pothos

If your pothos plant has gotten out of hand, you may need to repot it – Here’s how

How to repot your pothos plant if its growth has gotten out of hand.
Jasmine flowers

4 of the most aromatic indoor plants

These aromatic indoor plants will have your home smelling beautiful!
A container gardening display

Use these tips to start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter

Start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter by following this guide.
Pumpkin on a vine

The best vegetables to plant in November

Planting vegetables in November means growing your seedlings indoors, and some plants will fare better than others.
A person watering their houseplant

How much water do your houseplants need? Here’s a guide to houseplant water needs

Worried about how to water your houseplants? Don't overwater or underwater your indoor plants. Reach for this guide first!
A woman watering her indoor herbs

How to move your vegetable gardening indoors for a winter harvest

Add these plants to your garden this October so you can have a winter harvest.
Pink orchid blooms

Wondering how much light orchids need? We have your answers

If you're stuck as to where to place your orchid, here are the answers to your questions about orchid lighting needs.
A cluster of peace lily plants in bloom

Worried about your peace lily’s leaves turning yellow? Here’s how to save it

Are your peace lily's leaves turning yellow? Here's what you need to do.
A person propagating pothos plants

Focus on these plants when propagating this fall

Here are some tips to keep in mind when propagating your plants this fall.
A bundle of fresh mugwort

Grow these herbs for Halloween to make your celebration even spookier

Enrich your Halloween celebration by growing these herbs in your herb garden this month.
A bucket of compost scraps

How often should you turn your compost pile? What you need to know

Composting is stinky, and turning your pile only makes things worse, but it's got to be done. Here's how often you should.
A large cactus with yellow spines

Confused and asking yourself, “What kind of cactus do I have?” – Here’s your guide to identifying cacti

Don't know a prickle pear from a pincushion? This guide will help you become an expert at identifying different types of cacti.
Harvested lettuce in a bowl

How to grow lettuce indoors to ensure you have healthy greens all year long

With just a few items and some patience, you can grow this salad staple right in your kitchen! Here's how to grow lettuce indoors.
A rose plant with bright yellow blooms

Black spots on roses are signs of a fungus – here’s how to get rid of it

Are your roses infected with black spot disease? Here's how to treat the fungus and get your roses back into beautiful form.
A cluster of ripened tomatoes

Do tomatoes need full sun to thrive? What you need to know

Tomatoes: Do they need full sun? How much sun? What kind of sunlight is best? We tell you what you need to know.
A person repotting a plant

How to pack plants for moving so that the movers (or you) don’t damage them

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about your plants. Here's how to pack your plants so that they arrive at their new home safe and sound.
A few small aloe vera plants

Aloe vera seed pods: How to harvest them and grow your own plants

Want to start an aloe vera plant from a seed? Here's where to find the pods or propagate your aloe plant's pups.
Thrip on a plant leaf

How to get rid of thrips on houseplants

Houseplants or outdoor gardens can become infested with thrips. Here are some natural ways to get rid of them without using harmful insecticides.
Beautiful ripened tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes from seed for the biggest, most delicious haul

Nothing says summer like a ripe, juicy, bright red tomato. Here's how to grow tasty tomatoes from seeds for a yummy summer harvest.
A succulent in a gift box

The 5 best places to buy succulents online to start your plant collection

Want to buy succulents online but don't know where to look? These websites are a good place to start!
An indoor gardener repotting a large houseplant

Here’s the easy houseplant care step you’ve been overlooking

Dusting your houseplants is an important part of your care routine. Here's what you need to know.
A person reaching for a head of lettuce

Can you grow herbs hydroponically?

Can you start herbs in a hydroponic garden? Here's which plants to try.
Materials for a spring garden

Our best tips and the dumbest mistakes to avoid when planning your spring garden

A guide on what to do and what not to do when planning your spring garden
Yellow hibiscus flower

A complete guide to caring for the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, a striking red plant

How to care for the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, a striking red plant
Sprigs of harvested lavender

Keep your lavender smelling sweet and floral by pruning it this spring

How to prune your lavender this spring to keep it fragrant and floral
An orchid potted indoors

Has your orchid outgrown its pot? How to repot without harming the plant

How to properly repot your orchid without hurting it
Vibrant bromeliad blooms

Wondering how to repot your bromeliad? We’ve got all your answers in this guide

How to successfully repot your bromeliad so it continues to thrive