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A plant collection on a bathroom sink counter

Decorate your bathroom with these beautiful and hardy houseplants

Most bathrooms don't have ideal light for a lot of indoor plants, but these are low-maintenance plants perfect for the space.
Various butterflies landing on flowers

Here’s how to plant a butterfly garden

Butterfly gardens are colorful sanctuaries for butterflies. Here's how to add one to your space
A small pothos in a white pot

If you have pets, be careful adding these plants to your collection

If you're a plant-loving pet lover, watch out for these plants that are toxic to animals.
A dried floral arrangement in a pink vase

How to grow your own everlasting flowers

Everlasting flowers are beautiful and unique. Here's how to integrate them into your garden!
A show-stopping, dramatic plant

Make a statement with these dramatic, show-stopping houseplants

These show-stopping houseplants will be the talk of any party!
A small plant in a jar

We can’t stop thinking about these ideas for DIY indoor greenhouses

If you want to build your own indoor greenhouses, we've gathered some great DIY ideas for you!
Three houseplants in unique plant pots

3 artists to buy unique and beautiful planters from

These 3 artists make beautiful, unique plant pots that would be a great addition in any home!
Growing sprigs of mint leaves

5 herbs to grow that keep pests away

Do you have pests in your garden that you want to deter without the help of chemicals? Here are five herbs that can help!
A potted orchid with white blooms

4 plants to make your home smell like a garden

If you want your home to smell like a beautiful garden, grow these indoor plants!
A sago palm in a white pot

Your complete sago palm maintenance guide

The sago palm is a great houseplant for any beginner. Here's everything you need to know about how to take care of yours!
A woman happily tending to her garden

Gardening 101: How to start an edible garden

Want to grow an edible garden but don't know where to start? Here's what you need to know.
Houseplants on a shelf

How long do houseplants live? What you need to know

Here's everything you need to know about a houseplant's average lifespan.
A close-up shot of a marigold bloom

How to keep pests out of your herb garden

Worried about pests infiltrating your herb garden? Use these tips to keep them away!
A golden pothos hanging in a container on a wooden wall

How to grow a golden pothos

Golden pothos are beautiful and easy houseplants. Here's how to grow them so they thrive!
A bowl of fresh spinach leaves

Gardening 101: Growing spinach hydroponically

You don't need outdoor space to grow delicious spinach. Here's how to grow it hydroponically!
A gardening potting a purple flower

With summer almost over, here’s how to acclimate some plants back to indoor life

Now that summer's almost over, some plants may benefit from a change in environment. Here's how to acclimate them back to the indoors
A close-up of some black-eyed Susan blooms

The perennials with the longest blooming periods, for color all season

Looking for a way to keep your garden colorful all season? Here are the perennials with the longest blooming periods.
A blue passion flower bloom

How to take care of passion flowers for the most beautiful results

Passion flowers are beautiful, unique plants. Here's how to take care of them so they thrive.
Monstera adansonii

Plants to grow indoors during the summer

Here are some indoor plants that thrive during the summertime!
Community garden beds

These 6 YouTubers want to help you grow healthy, beautiful plants

Next time you binge-watch YouTube, check out these 6 streamers who provide a lot of great info around organic foods.
Growing vine tomato plant

This YouTube channel is teaching viewers how to grow fresh, organic food

Next time you're binge-watching YouTube, check out this channel for great info around organic foods.
Streaming on laptop with plants next to it

6 incredible shows to stream if you’d rather be gardening

Stuck indoors? Would you rather be gardening? We found 6 shows across streaming services that will scratch the itch until you can get back out!
A kitchen compost bin

7 items you won’t believe you can compost

What you can (and can't) compost is always a hot topic, but we've discovered some surprisingly compostable items for your bin.
Beautiful light purple asters

How to care for asters growing outdoors

Asters are gorgeous, but can require a bit of TLC. Here's how to care for asters growing outdoors.
A collection of summer gardening tools

Why a hori hori will be your best summer gardening buy

Have you ever heard of a hori hori knife? If so, you know how useful they are. If not, you'll want to know all about them.
A honey bee on a flower

4 types of bees your garden should be attracting

Bees are critical to our ecosystem, and your garden can help! Here are four types of bees that are commonly attracted to gardens.
A family gardening together

Why scrap gardening is a great kid-friendly summer activity

Are you looking for a kid-friendly summer gardening activity? Scrap gardening may be just what you're looking for. Here's why.
Raking autumn leaves

9 benefits that make composting leaves worth it

Leaf composting can be a chore, but these benefits make it all worth it!
A woman holding a basket of tomato

How to turn your gardening routine into a workout

Get your sweat on while you garden! These are our favorite moves.
A monarch on a black-eyed susan

Perennial vs. annual flowers: Which are right for your garden?

Perennial and annual plants both have their benefits. Which one is right for you?
A cluster of blue irises

7 outdoor plants that handle the transition from spring to summer effortlessly

These plants love spring and summer weather, just like us!
Globe thistle blooms in garden

10 beautiful drought-tolerant perennials you can plant this summer

These perennials won't die, even in a tough drought.
Containers of germinated seeds

The weird method Redditors are using to germinate seeds

Just when we thought we'd seen all the weird gardening hacks ...
Someone repotting an indoor plant

8 gardening habits you need to drop this summer

Cut these bad gardening habits out of your life. Seriously.
A cluster of passion flower blooms

How to take care of passion flower plants indoors

Care for your beautiful passion flower plants indoors with our helpful guide.