Great outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces

Outdoor kitchens have become popular these days, especially when everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful evening weather outside. Many families enjoy outside dining, especially during the summer months. An outdoor kitchen can be fitted in a small space, and it’s also great for housing a barbecue stand. The plan for developing outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces sometimes takes time because there are a lot of important things to consider. But if you have your own kitchen outdoors, you will realize that the time, effort, and money you put into developing your outdoor kitchen ideas through planning and design are worth it.

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How much does it cost to build a small outdoor kitchen?

Is it possible to build an affordable outdoor kitchen? What must you consider should you decide on launching such a project? Before you extend or remodel your house to include an outdoor kitchen, it is important to first organize and plan everything. This is to let you know what you need, how much it will cost, and what the end result will be. Price is definitely one of the most important things to consider. How much do you want to spend on the design of your kitchen? The price range for kitchens situated outdoors is usually between $3,000 and $15,000. Since we are discussing small outdoor kitchens, the cost should be around the lower end of the range.

Now that you’ve gotten an idea about the cost, it is important to also learn about outdoor kitchen design and layout for small spaces. It’s important that the design or layout of your desired outdoor kitchen should not affect your house, yard, or porch design. This is a kitchen that can add to the value of your home, so make sure it’s not in contrast with the original home design.

How do you plan the layout of an outdoor kitchen?

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In laying out your outdoor kitchen ideas, the construction and building can be planned, designed, and developed by you. However, you can use a professional (either a kitchen-making brand or an expert kitchen designer) to take care of the project. Obviously, using an expert or a kitchen brand will cost more than you developing it yourself. Nonetheless, there are benefits to using an expert.

There are many suitable small outside kitchen layout ideas to choose from for your outside kitchen fitted in a small space, such as an L-shaped island, a basic island, or a U-shaped center. L-shaped layouts provide separate spaces for cooking and preparing food. A basic island layout, on the other hand, often includes a small cooking space, a sink, and a grill. It is most suitable for light cooking. The U-shaped center layout partitions the kitchens into several areas. These are special areas for you to prepare, cook, and eat.

In addition to the above three projects, there are other kitchen projects and programs. You can really create a design of your outdoor kitchen with respect to the size and shape of your house. The highlight layouts can also be uniquely modified to suit your needs.

What should I put in my outdoor kitchen?

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One of the major things to determine is what types of accessories and appliances you will need in your outdoor kitchen. These can be as much of a choice as what you have in your regular kitchen, but most will need to be weatherproof. Cabinets and refrigerators are among the things that can be placed in the outdoor kitchen. For these appliances, you will, of course, need electricity and plumbing, so be sure to check how easy it will be to install.

More so, an attractive and fully-equipped outdoor kitchen should definitely have a BBQ island. This will be an attractive point in your outdoor kitchen space. Equipment in your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to cost too much, and you can choose between an economy style or a luxurious and extravagant model with an impressive, built-in large grill, bar, sink, and refrigerator.

The idea of having an outdoor kitchen located in a small space should mean that you are considering making use of existing places in your house, such as your backyard decks or patios. If there are no idea locations, try to locate a small space that is very close to the house. Also, consider the usual direction of the wind before you set up your grill, as the smoke should not be directed into the house.

Conclusively, the type of cooking you are expecting to do and the types of gatherings you will be having in your kitchen should be considered when choosing the small space to locate your outdoor kitchen, as well as when you’re designing the layout.

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