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A rose plant with bright yellow blooms

Black spots on roses are signs of a fungus – here’s how to get rid of it

Are your roses infected with black spot disease? Here's how to treat the fungus and get your roses back into beautiful form.
A lilac bush on the shore of a lake

A guide for planting lilac bushes, perfect for adding a purple pop to any garden

Lilac bushes are a great way to add a purple pop in any garden. Here's how to plant and care for your own.
climbing roses

5 easy-to-grow, beautiful climbing roses that will impress your neighbors

These beautiful climbing roses will wow the gardener in your life—and your Instagram followers! Here are five of the easiest varieties to grow.
Yellow and orange nasturtium flowers

How to grow nasturtium from seeds for a bold and beautiful garden addition

Nasturtiums are bright, beautiful flowers that make a great addition to any garden. Here's when and how to start them from seed indoors.
Flower garden full of annual flowers

How do you plant flowers? Here are the steps to cultivating a beautiful backyard flower garden

How do you plant flowers? If you want lush blooms, here's a guide on how to start a beautiful backyard garden today.
sunflowers in late summer

How late can you plant sunflowers and still see blooms? What you need to know about these beautiful giants

Worried you waited too long to plant sunflowers? Here's what you need to know about how late you can plant them to still get big, beautiful blooms.
pride month flower arrangements

Celebrate Pride Month with these colorful, gorgeous flower arrangement ideas

A themed garden or a special flower arrangement can be the perfect way to celebrate Pride Month. Consider these ideas.
A close-up shot of a marigold bloom

Marigolds are the perfect addition to any garden: Your ultimate care guide

Marigolds are popular for a reason. Here's how to grow and care for them.
Petunia flowers

Complete guide to caring for your petunias, a bright and colorful garden addition

A guide to caring for petunias, a bright and colorful addition to your garden.
Bouquet of tulips

6 most gorgeous flowers to give for Mother’s Day this spring

Here's a list of the best flowers to give for Mother's Day this spring.
Close-up of a pink primrose

The ultimate care guide for primroses for vivid blooms all season long

Primroses can bloom for months. Here's how to make sure they thrive.
Daffodils in bloom

How to care for daffodils: Treat this stunning, happy flower right

Grow healthy, beautiful daffodils by following this advice.
Tulips from the Smithsonian garden

What to plant with tulips: 9 gorgeous flowers your garden needs

These 9 perennials and annuals are fantastic companion plants for tulips.
Three brown bulbs with hyacinths

5 effective tips you need to know for a thriving hyacinth flower

Follow this hyacinth care guide for a gorgeous bloom.
A cluster of tall, colorful wildflowers

How to grow wildflowers, a beneficial, beautiful addition to any garden

Plant your own wildflower garden by following this guide
Pink tulips against a blue sky

Tulips are the colorful star of any garden – how to grow your own

A complete guide to growing your own beautiful tulips
A row of red poppies

Make your garden burst with poppies – a guide on growing lovely, bright flowers

A complete guide to growing poppies in your own garden
A group of yellow daffodils

Bring a pop of yellow to your garden with this guide to growing daffodils

Your guide to successful growing daffodils in your garden
Purple morning glories in bloom

A guide to growing and caring for a garden filled with stunning morning glories

How to plant your own morning glories for bright, unique blooms
Pink cyclamen in a terracotta pot

How to plant and care for the cyclamen, a petite perennial

The cyclamen is a beautiful, petite perennial. Here's how to plant and care for it
A field of lavender flowers

5 imaginative and refreshing ways to use your fresh-smelling lavender

There are so many ways to use the floral lavender from your garden. Here are 5 suggestions
Winter jasminee

Focus on color: yellow plants that will bring sunny cheer to your garden

Add some sunshine to your garden with these bright, yellow plants
Red roses

Easy-to-grow roses that make a beautiful addition to any garden

Beautify your garden with these easy-to-grow roses.
Several potted plants arranged on a table with gardening tools

How to choose the right drought-hardy flowers for your climate

A guide to choosing the right drought-hardy flowers
A group of purple coneflowers

Here’s how to create your own pollinator garden

Pollination gardens are a great way to improve your landscape's ecosystem. Here are some tips for building your own.
dahlias blooming in autumn

If you want a garden that blooms all year-round, plant these flowers

Plant these flowers for a garden with year-round blooms
A shady hydrangea garden

These hydrangea varieties will add color and interest to any garden

Hydrangeas are beautiful and color additions to any garden. Consider adding any of these varieties to yours
Pitcher plant in a garden

Add these unique carnivorous plants to your garden

Add these carnivorous plants to your garden for some fun, interesting variety
Border garden planted with drought-tolerant flowers

Drought-tolerant flowers that will survive any climate

These drought-tolerant flowers will make sure you have blooms in your garden, no matter the weather
pink prickly pear

Focus on color: the best pink plants to add to your garden

Add pink to your garden with these beautiful plants
A close-up of some black-eyed Susan blooms

The perennials with the longest blooming periods, for color all season

Looking for a way to keep your garden colorful all season? Here are the perennials with the longest blooming periods.
A blue passion flower bloom

How to take care of passion flowers for the most beautiful results

Passion flowers are beautiful, unique plants. Here's how to take care of them so they thrive.
Two yellow sunflower blooms surrounded by green leaves

Here’s how I grew sunflowers in my backyard that are as tall as I am

A backyard gardener and a sunflower farmer give us inside knowledge about growing sunflower plants that thrive
Beautiful light purple asters

How to care for asters growing outdoors

Asters are gorgeous, but can require a bit of TLC. Here's how to care for asters growing outdoors.
A honey bee on a flower

4 types of bees your garden should be attracting

Bees are critical to our ecosystem, and your garden can help! Here are four types of bees that are commonly attracted to gardens.