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A monarch on a black-eyed susan

Perennial vs. annual flowers: Which are right for your garden?

Perennial and annual plants both have their benefits. Which one is right for you?
A cluster of blue irises

7 outdoor plants that handle the transition from spring to summer effortlessly

These plants love spring and summer weather, just like us!
Globe thistle blooms in garden

10 beautiful drought-tolerant perennials you can plant this summer

These perennials won't die, even in a tough drought.
Containers of germinated seeds

The weird method Redditors are using to germinate seeds

Just when we thought we'd seen all the weird gardening hacks ...
A cluster of passion flower blooms

How to take care of passion flower plants indoors

Care for your beautiful passion flower plants indoors with our helpful guide.
types orange flowers blooms parodia haselbergii

These 6 orange flowers will make your garden pop

Orange flower sure make an eye-catching statement -- these are our favorites
Mom in garden picking apples

Our favorite Mother’s Day garden gift ideas

Is your mom a greenery enthusiast? From decor to plants, check out these last-minute gardening gifts to treat your mom on Mother's Day.
drying hydrangeas sedum flowers dried white and red

Dry these 5 flowers for beautiful displays no matter the season

Drying flowers will ensure they last for years to come. Which ones in your garden could you preserve?
An arrangement of dried flowers in a light gray vase

The best flowers for harvesting, drying, and storing

Learn which flowers dry well and will display beautifully in your home
Flower garden full of annual flowers

How to safely transport delicate outdoor plants from one home to another

Can you transplant your outdoor garden when you move?
Flower garden full of annual flowers

Which flowers can you cross-pollinate for new colors?

Do you have flowers in your garden that you could cross-pollinate?
A shady hydrangea garden

Hydrangea plants can be picky — here’s how to treat each type

Different hydrangeas have different needs -- here's how to care for yours
flower garden

How to work greenery into your flower beds without choking your blooms

Which green plants will look best beside your flowers? Here are our thoughts.
cactus garden

Do cacti fit into your garden? Here’s what to consider

Is a cactus right for your garden? Here's what to consider -- and which type of cactus to choose.
A beautiful red rose bouquet in a wicker basket

Our favorite places to order fresh flowers online

Not all fresh flowers are the same! These are our favorite sites to source from.
nerdy valentines day gifts plant with gift tag jpg

We absolutely love these nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts (and so will they!)

These gifts will delight the plant geek in your life!
salad with nasturtium and pansy flowers

5 gorgeous edible flowers you can grow in the kitchen right now

Edible flowers can be an amazing addition to any kitchen -- here's what to know before you plant
A bush of light pink azaleas

How to grow your own azaleas now for striking spring blooms

Make sure your garden is full of striking spring blooms by growing your own azaleas
Purple blossoms in a field

These 5 outdoor plants bloom early to signal spring has arrived

When spring is coming, early-blooming plants signal that winter is over. We list five plants that bloom early and are gorgeous.
Weigela shrub with pink flowers

Spruce up your front yard with these shrub inspirations

When planting and caring for shrubs, you may have a ton of questions. We have the answers to all your shrub-centric questions.
A fully grown tree with bushes and plants near a pond

How plants detect seasonal changes, and what it means for your garden

Plants change with the seasons, and it's important to know which ones are appropriate to each. We explain the changes for you.
Pansies and daisies on a plate

Edible flowers: What are they and how can you keep them fresh?

Can you eat flowers? Absolutely! We provide a list of edible flowers and recommend the most important information you need to know.
Purple and white foxgloves in a garden

Grow beautiful foxgloves at home with these 5 tips

Foxglove plants are beautiful when cultivated properly. We list the five most important things to do when tending them.
Orange nasturtium flowers and cherry tomatoes on a blue plate with a blue and white checkered napkin on a blue table

Growing and keeping edible flowers

Edible flowers are a fantastic way to add color and fun to your meals. We list the kinds that are edible and how to care for them.
Purple and white foxgloves

How to grow Foxglove

Foxgloves can brighten any garden or house with their purple, pink, and cream flowers. We list simple guidelines for taking care of them.
Purple crocuses in the sunlight

Plant these flowers to have the earliest spring blooms

What flowers can you plant to get beautiful blooms as early as possible in the spring? These questions and more are answered for you.
Japanese quince flowers blooming

These plants grow best in cold weather

There are quite a few plants that thrive in freezing temperatures. We list the hardy ones that can withstand the colder seasons.
How to plant flowers

How to plant flowers like a seasoned gardening pro

We've got some tips and tricks to help you become a flower garden pro in no time.
ideas for cut flowers bouquet of colorful on wood table

Flower care guide: What to do with cut flowers

If you aren't sure what to do with flowers, following these tips will help your floral arrangements last a little longer.
5 eco friendly ways to get rid of a dying bouquet flowers wilting

5 eco-friendly ways to get rid of a dying bouquet of flowers

Flowers are gifts that don't stop giving when they're wilting. Check out our guide or what to do with flowers when they're dying.

Is it possible to have a year-round garden without replanting?

In order to have a four-season garden, you’ll need variety in the plants you grow. Our guide helps keep your garden thriving all year long.