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Indoor plants

A small plant in a jar

We can’t stop thinking about these ideas for DIY indoor greenhouses

If you want to build your own indoor greenhouses, we've gathered some great DIY ideas for you!
Orange tomatoes on a vine

How to grow tomatoes indoors during the fall

Here are easy tips and tricks for growing tomatoes indoors
Philodendron heartleaf

7 philodendron plants for every collection

Philodendrons are easy, accessible, and beautiful indoor plants. Here are 7 beautiful varieties to check out.
Hydroponically grown vegetables

Start your indoor garden today with any of these kits!

Start your indoor garden today with any of these kits!
A potted orchid with white blooms

4 plants to make your home smell like a garden

If you want your home to smell like a beautiful garden, grow these indoor plants!
Corkscrew albuca

6 unique (and cute!) succulents you probably haven’t heard of

Want to fill your succulent garden with varieties your friends haven't heard of? We've rounded up six unique (and cute) succulents
Person cutting basil

What you need to know about pruning herbs

Here's everything you need to know about pruning your herbs to keep them healthy
Houseplants on a shelf

How long do houseplants live? What you need to know

Here's everything you need to know about a houseplant's average lifespan.
Marjoram on table

What you need to know about growing marjoram indoors

Marjoram is an aromatic, multitasking herb. Here's how to grow it indoors.
Dwarf umbrella plant

The best tropical houseplants to help bring summertime indoors

Looking to make your home feel like a tropical vacation? Try these houseplants!
Woman kneeling cutting lavender with small clippers

The best plants to help relieve stress and anxiety

Feeling a lot of stress and anxiety lately? These plants might help!
A golden pothos hanging in a container on a wooden wall

How to grow a golden pothos

Golden pothos are beautiful and easy houseplants. Here's how to grow them so they thrive!
Person holding African mask plant

What you need to know about African mask plant care

Always wanted to grow an African mask plant but don't know how to care for it? Here's everything we know
late summer herbs chocolate mint plant

Add these herbs to your late summer garden

It's never too late to add herbs to your summer garden
Monstera adansonii

How to bring a dead plant back to life

If you don't want to give up on a plant that's close to dying, start with these tips
Passion flower plant closeup

How to successfully grow a passion flower indoors

Want to grow a beautiful passion flower but don't have the outdoor space? Don't worry! Here's what you need to know about growing one indoors.
A gardening potting a purple flower

With summer almost over, here’s how to acclimate some plants back to indoor life

Now that summer's almost over, some plants may benefit from a change in environment. Here's how to acclimate them back to the indoors
Rosemary cutting with roots

These are the best herbs to grow from cuttings

These are the best herbs to grow from cuttings during the growing season
A person watering with a metal watering can

How to keep your plants watered while you’re on vacation

August is the perfect time to take a vacation! Here's how to make sure your plants don't die while you're away
A small kitchen herb garden

6 vegetables you can grow indoors

Don't have outdoor space but still want to grow vegetables? Start with these
Monstera adansonii

Plants to grow indoors during the summer

Here are some indoor plants that thrive during the summertime!
Potted golden pothos

10 impossible to kill plants

Don't have a green thumb? Here are some hard to kill plants to add to your collection

9 Facebook groups for apartment-dwelling gardeners

You're on Facebook, right? If so, here are some groups for apartment-dwelling gardeners
Marble queen pothos

7 beautiful variegated houseplants to add to your collection

Variegated houseplants you'll want in your home -- here's how to care for them
Raven ZZ plant

How to care for these 8 rare houseplants

8 rare, exotic houseplants, and how to care for them
Kangaroo paw plant

Gardening 101: Your guide to kangaroo paw plant care

Care for your kangaroo paw plant with our handy care guide
Venus flytrap plants

Study: Venus flytraps produce magnetic fields (seriously)

Just when we thought Venus flytraps couldn't get any weirder ...
Tarragon plant

What you need to know about growing tarragon indoors 

Grow yourself the perfect herb with our handy tarragon grower's guide
Person with houseplant

Our 9 favorite houseplant Instagram accounts

Get inspired by following our favorite plant Instagram accounts today
White mold growing on soil

How to prevent mold on your houseplant’s soil

Moldy indoor plants? No thanks. Here's how to combat fungus on your plant soil.
Woman with flower basket

7 gift basket must-haves for the gardener in your life

The next time you put together a gift for the gardener in your life, make sure it includes these items!
An assortment of hanging herbs

How often should you water your indoor herb garden?

Get your herb garden on a watering schedule with these helpful tips.
A selection of plants in hanging baskets

How to help your plants adjust to a new environment

Moving with plants is never an easy task! Here's how to help them adjust to their new home while you do the same.
A blooming medinilla magnifica plant

How to care for your medinilla magnifica

The medinilla is a beautiful plant, and we've put together the best care guide to keep it growing for years.
A sprig of harvested parsley

Gardening 101: How to start an herb garden in your kitchen

You don't need outdoor space to start an herb garden -- your kitchen is just fine!