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Indoor plants

A container gardening display

Use these tips to start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter

Start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter by following this guide.

Prayer plant care: Everything you need to know to grow a lush and healthy plant this winter

Prayer plants can be notoriously tricky to maintain, but you can have a lush, healthy plant with these care tips.
Alocasia frydek

Add style to your space with these trendy alocasia indoor plants

If you're looking to add a trendy alocasia to your houseplant collection, try these stunning varieties.
A potted calathea makoyana on a blue background

Why calathea plants are perfect for your home office (and how to care for them)

Add a calathea plant to your home office for a relaxing atmosphere.
A person watering their houseplant

How much water do your houseplants need? Here’s a guide to houseplant water needs

Worried about how to water your houseplants? Don't overwater or underwater your indoor plants. Reach for this guide first!
A woman watering her indoor herbs

How to move your vegetable gardening indoors for a winter harvest

Add these plants to your garden this October so you can have a winter harvest.
Hand holding ponytail palm in pot

Ponytail palm care: Your complete guide for this popular houseplant

If you're wondering how to maintain a ponytail palm, check out this guide on how to grow this easy-care houseplant.
Young aloe vera in a pot

9 fast-growing houseplants perfect for your home office

Office plants should be low maintenance and beautiful. Here are our top picks to keep your work view fresh and calming.
Purple onion

Growing onions in containers is easier than you think – here’s how to do it

Think you need a big outdoor garden to grow delicious onions? Think again! Here's our guide to growing onions in pots with tasty results.
Growing chives

5 companion plants to keep your chive plants company

When planning out your indoor or outdoor garden, consider these 5 companion plants to grow alongside your chives to help them thrive.
A large cactus with yellow spines

Confused and asking yourself, “What kind of cactus do I have?” – Here’s your guide to identifying cacti

Don't know a prickle pear from a pincushion? This guide will help you become an expert at identifying different types of cacti.
Fiddle-leaf fig

How to get rid of fungus gnats: 5 ways to eliminate your gnat problem

Fungus gnats can be persistent with your indoor plants. Read this guide to find out how to get rid of them and keep them from coming back.
Dill herb

From harvest to the table: Here’s how to grow delicious dill

Here's a complete guide to growing dill, a delicious, tangy herb.
Fresh bunch of cilantro

How to grow the super-divisive cilantro plant to brighten up your meals

Here's everything you need to know about how to plant, grow, and harvest cilantro for fresh herbs all season long.
Thrip on a plant leaf

How to get rid of thrips on houseplants

Houseplants or outdoor gardens can become infested with thrips. Here are some natural ways to get rid of them without using harmful insecticides.
plant of the week rhaphidophora tetrasperma mini monstera trending tropical houseplant in pink chevron

Plant of the week: Mini monstera, a plant with striking leaves

This week's featured plant is the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, also known as mini monstera, a plant with striking leaves.
Dracaena marginata

Follow these easy dracaena care tips to keep your plant thriving

How do you pick the right dracaena for you and properly maintain it? Read here for our top dracaena care tips. 
Ear of corn

Can you grow corn indoors? The answer might surprise you

Corn is a big plant that produces big flavor—but can you grow it indoors? Here are the details you need to know.
An indoor gardener repotting a large houseplant

Here’s the easy houseplant care step you’ve been overlooking

Dusting your houseplants is an important part of your care routine. Here's what you need to know.
A pink African violet in a brown pot on a windowsill

Keep your beautiful African violets flourishing with these top care tips

African violets are low-maintenance houseplants easy to take care of. Here are the best care tips to keep them beautiful and flourishing.
growing chives

How to grow chives from seed in your garden or kitchen so that you always have fresh herbs on hand

We’ll teach you how to grow chives from seed outside in a garden or from the windowsill of your own kitchen. Let's get started!
Amaryllis flower close-up

Tips for keeping your amaryllis thriving all year indoors

Amaryllis plants can live all year. Here's how to make sure they keep flourishing.
Person caring for plants

Caring for the unique zebra plant – What you should know to keep it thriving

Check out this care guide to keep your indoor zebra plant thriving.
Green and dark purple zebrina leaves

Wondering how to care for an inch plant? Top tips for the tropical plant

Here's a care guide for the colorful and tropical tradescantia zebrina plant.
Basil plant

Add flavor to your cooking: How to grow delicious basil

Basil is a much-loved herb for a reason. Here's how to grow it properly.
Aloe vera houseplant

Growing your own healing aloe plant indoors? Here’s how to care for it

You can grow your own aloe plant indoors. Learn how to care for it here.
Low-light loving plant

7 best low-light indoor plants for your north-facing windows that’ll thrive

These low-light houseplants are perfect to sit in your north-facing windows and they'll still thrive.
Person watering orchids

The do’s and don’ts of feeding your orchids so you don’t kill them

This is when to feed your orchids (and everything else you need to know).
A small pothos in a white pot

This is how much water your pothos plant needs to thrive

Do you know how much to water your pothos plant? Follow this guide.
Marble queen pothos

Follow these 5 amazing tips to make your pothos grow even more lush faster

Make your pothos grow in quickly by following these 5 tips
houseplant care

Plant of the Week: The easy-to-care-for, flowering Rhaphidophora decursiva

This week's featured plant is the easy-to-care-for Rhaphidophora decursiva
Yellow hibiscus flower

A complete guide to caring for the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, a striking red plant

How to care for the Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, a striking red plant
Thaumatophyllum stenolobum

Plant of the Week: The highly sought-after Thaumatophyllum stenolobum

This week's featured plant is the highly sought after Thaumatophyllus stenolobum
hoya compacta

Plant of the Week: Hoya compacta, a strikingly unique plant

This week's featured plant is the hoya compacta, an attractive, unique addition to any garden
Anthurium blooms

Wondering how to get an anthurium to bloom? Here’s our guide

Our guide to making sure your anthuriums gives you beautiful blooms