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Red and green rubber tree in a gray pot against a white background

How to propagate your own stunning rubber tree plant from a cutting

Rubber tree plants are small, indoor trees that are great for desks and windowsills. Here's how to start a rubber tree plant from a cutting.
A propagation station in a wooden frame with three glass jars and plant cuttings.

Is your propagation station breaking the law? Everything you need to know about plant patents

Pothos growing in water

Can pothos live in water forever? How to root, grow, and propagate pothos in water

A gardener pruning plants

How to prune houseplants: A complete guide

Close up of dark and light green dracaena leaves

How to propagate dracaenas from cuttings

Mother of thousands plant with plantlets

Plants don’t have to be difficult to propagate — these are the easiest to start

Snake plant

A foolproof guide to propagating snake plants

An anthurium in a pot

How to propagate an anthurium for more beautiful blooms

A close-up of flowering peace lilies

Successfully propagate your own beautiful peace lily with these 4 tips

Potted green cordyline plants on the ground

Cordyline care: How to make your cordyline plants thrive and bring the tropics indoors

Crepe Jasmine flowers

How to propagate your jasmine from cuttings to spread the fragrant love

Bird of paradise plant

Can you grow a bird of paradise from a cutting? Here’s what you need to know to grow your dream plant

A person propagating pothos plants

Can you propagate plants in the fall? Focus on these plants if you do

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you plan on propagating your plants this fall.
Lavender flowers clustered together

Growing lavender from cuttings: Everything you need to know

You want to fill your garden with lavender, but what if you only have one plant? Learn how you can propagate lavender from cuttings.
Person picking blackberries

How to propagate blackberries: Easy ways to increase your berry harvest

There are several effective ways to propagate blackberries to increase your harvest. Here are some of our favorites.
Spider plant on a table

Here’s how to propagate spider plants for a fun, low-maintenance way to decorate your home

Mature spider plants produce babies that stem from the parent. Here's how to grow them into lovely new spider plants.
Bromeliad pups

How to propagate bromeliads to expand and share your beautiful collection

How to properly propagate your bromeliad for the best results
A close-up of moss

How to transplant moss – and when you should

Here's everything you need to know about how to transplant and propagate moss without any worries about browning.
Hanging pothos plant

Turn your pothos plant into a hydroponic oasis

Propagating a pothos plant couldn't be easier. Here's how to get started.
Propagate succulent

How to propagate succulents: Simple ways to multiply these easy-care plants

Here are tips on how to propagate succulents to add to your collection and share with fellow plant enthusiasts.
Aloe vera pots

Have more aloe plant than you know what to do with? How to propagate its pups

How to propagate your aloe plant's pups to spread the aloe plant love
Person cutting roses in garden

3 different methods you can use to propagate roses from stem cuttings

3 methods you can use to propagate roses from stem cuttings
A collection of potted snake plants

3 easy ways to propagate your snake plant so you can share the tropical love

How to propagate your snake plant to share the tropical love
Close up of a fuchsia plant with red and purple flowers

How to propagate the perfect pink fuchsia plant from a cutting

Share your beautiful fuschia plants with friends and family by propagating using these tips
Spider plants rooting in water

7 of the coolest propagation stations out there

Propagation stations are useful and beautiful. Here are some of our favorite!
tree roots with moss

Should you transplant moss from the woods? What you need to know

If you wondered about transplanting moss from the woods, here's what you need to know before you do
butterfly on butterfly bush

How to propagate a butterfly bush

How to propagate and care for your butterfly bush the right way
pink hydrangea bush

How to grow beautiful hydrangeas from cuttings

Grow your own amazing hydrangea plants from cuttings with our simple guide
rose bush

You can grow these 9 flowers from cuttings today

You can propagate some beautiful flowers from cuttings -- here's where to start.
diy plant propagation annie spratt s7viz8jwxwy unsplash

What do you need to propagate a plant?

What method should you use to propagate plants? Learn more here
Row of herb plants in pots on windowsill

You can propagate these 5 herbs indoors this winter

Grow herbs indoors this winter with these propagation tips
Head of green lettuce

Grow your lettuce from scraps with these great tips

Your lettuce scraps can be put to good use by growing more lettuce with propagation. We outline some easy ways to use this method.
Group of mature bromeliads

How big do Bromeliads get?

Proper care and nutrition will help grow your bromeliad pups as big as they can be. Our guide will show you how to successfully do it.
Young plant sprouting in a garden

Propagating plants: What you should know

There are a few ways to get more plants for your garden. One way is to propagate plants. We have what you need to know about propagating.
Row of herb plants in pots on windowsill

How to keep herbs alive indoors all year long

You can keep your herbs alive all year long with some extra care beyond sunlight and watering. Here are our best tips to help you succeed.