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Common Houseplants

White mold growing on soil

How to prevent mold on your houseplant’s soil

Moldy indoor plants? No thanks. Here's how to combat fungus on your plant soil.
A selection of plants in hanging baskets

How to help your plants adjust to a new environment

Moving with plants is never an easy task! Here's how to help them adjust to their new home while you do the same.
Snake plants on a table

Here’s how to take care of your indoor plants for spring

Don't forget your indoor plants this spring with these comprehensive care tips.
Shelves of air purifying plants

The six best indoor plants for allergies

These 6 plants are not only great for allergies, but they also help purify the air. We call that a win-win.
A small houseplant collection

This is how oxygen-releasing plants can benefit your health

Plants that release oxygen are good for you and the environment. Here are the plants you should choose.
Basil plant

You can grow these edible houseplants inside right now

Get your edible houseplant garden started today with these plants.
Hoya sweetheart

Instead of flowers, give your love one of these beautiful houseplants

Surprise your Valentine with a beautiful plant they can enjoy for years to come.
A gardener pruning plants

You still have to prune indoor plants. Here’s how to do it right

Pruning your indoor houseplants will help keep them happy, healthy, and thriving. Our tips will show you how to do it right.
Plants on a bathroom counter

These plants will purify your bathroom naturally

Decorative bathroom plants don't have to be all form and no function. We list plants that will purify the air naturally.
Potted golden pothos

What’s a pothos plant and how can you keep one alive?

A pothos plant is a hardy and colorful plant to have in your home. We give you the ins and out of caring for one and its varieties.
Indoor garden filled with plants

How to breathe new life into a drab indoor garden

If your indoor garden is looking a little drab, you can certainly spruce it up. With our tips, you can bring new life to your home.
A potted fern on the floor

The 3 best types of indoor ferns for any home gardener

Indoor ferns bring luscious, beautiful greenery into any home. We list three attractive ferns that will thrive in an indoor space.
Orange nasturtium flowers and cherry tomatoes on a blue plate with a blue and white checkered napkin on a blue table

Growing and keeping edible flowers

Edible flowers are a fantastic way to add color and fun to your meals. We list the kinds that are edible and how to care for them.
A potted pothos plant on a table

4 fast-growing indoor plants anyone will love

Indoor plants are beautiful and rewarding for any space. We list four plants you can care for and be a great addition to your home.
Four pots of fresh herbs

Edible houseplants you can grow year-round

With the right plants and proper care, you can grow a variety of edible houseplants year-round to provide you with fresh produce and foods.
Small potted Madagascar palms

How to care for a Madagascar palm

Madagascar palms can be grown indoors and outdoors, depending on your climate. Our step-by-step guide shows how to easily grow them.
five colorful cactuses in white planters

How to care for a cactus

Native to hot, scorching deserts, it is easy to see why cactuses will do just fine in and around your home.
Woman pruning her indoorplants

How to prune houseplants without damaging them

Pruning is an important part of indoor gardening. Our guide will help you do what is best for your houseplants by keeping them healthy.
indoor plant allergies

Do indoor plants help with allergies?

Take a look at the best plants for allergies and which ones to avoid.
Woman tending to potted plants indoors

The most compatible houseplants for your home

There are quite a few plants that thrive indoors and add a lavish touch to any space. We have a list of which ones will work best.