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An outdoor built-in kitchen deck

How to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget and create the ideal cooking space

Outdoor kitchens are usually costly. However, there are small changes you can make to stay within your budget and still get the space you want.
Fire pit made of wall blocks with a lit fire

Add a fire pit to your garden to take advantage of cool spring nights

White plastic fence around grass

Do you need a fence for your garden? What you need to know before deciding

Organic green sugar snap peas

What you need to know about growing sugar snap peas in containers

container summer squash man cutting

What you need to know about successfully growing summer squash in containers

backyard fencing

How to install a fence around your yard without breaking the bank

container garden

6 balcony vegetable gardening tips every new gardener needs

Herb plants in ceramic pots on table

A tiny oasis: Herb garden ideas for small decks

A deck with eco-friendly furniture

5 ways to go green in your patio or deck space

Outdoor deck space

Patio versus deck: How to know which is right for your home

Adirondack rocking chair style

What you need to do to make sure your patio is ready for the fall

container vegetable garden a photo of blossoming cucumber seedling  small sprouts in the

6 adorable container vegetable garden ideas your kids need to try

Four Brown Adirondack Chairs On Porch

What you need to know before building a patio

Read this article before you start digging holes and buying wood for your new patio.
thriving deck vegetable garden ideas on

How to build a thriving deck vegetable garden

These expert tips will have your deck vegetable garden going from sad to thriving in weeks.
Potatoes growing in a container

What you need to know about growing purple potatoes in containers

Start your own potato garden in a container with this handy guide
Cheerful woman with a box of eggplants

How to grow eggplant in containers

Start your own eggplant garden in a container today with these great tips.
Person Holding Green Plant

How to start a patio garden that will wow your summer guests

Lacking in green space or just looking to spruce up the place a bit? Here's how to start a beautiful garden on your patio.
Flowers Sitting On a Deck

Design a deck vegetable garden — here’s how

This is how to put together a beautiful deck veggie garden
Potted Trees on Beige Balcony

These are the best trees to grow on your patio

These trees will thrive in pots and make your deck look great
A person holding a potted plant

Start a back porch garden in 5 easy steps

Grow beautiful blooms on your porch. Here's how to start.
A patio filled with plants

Urban patio ideas to turn small spaces into lively gathering spots

Your small outdoor space can still wow guests! Here are some ideas.
Modern deck lighting

Modern lighting ideas to brighten any backyard space

Bring a touch of modern style to your backyard with this helpful outdoor lighting guide.
Deck planters with feet

How to prevent planters from damaging your porch

Planters can scrape up your porch if you're not careful. Here are some tips to try.
Group of people at outdoor party

These outdoor lighting options will transform any space

Illuminate your outdoor space with these great lighting ideas that will look amazing in any space.
Indoor garden filled with plants

How to breathe new life into a drab indoor garden

If your indoor garden is looking a little drab, you can certainly spruce it up. With our tips, you can bring new life to your home.
A chic urban patio with plants

Chic urban patio ideas for any home

In urban spaces, patios can sometimes be the most outdoor space you have. Our tips will give you great ideas to make the most of it.
Metal furniture set on a stone patio

How to choose between the different types of patio chairs

Patio chairs come in a variety of styles and materials. We help you choose which seating suits the look and feel for your patio best.