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iphone apps for gardeners

The 8 best apps for beginner gardeners

These apps will make sure any beginner gardener knows what to do
eating local veggies anne preble sapvko12dqe unsplash  1

What produce is in season during the summer? A guide to eating local

Here's everything you need to know about which vegetables are seasonal and how to eat local
succulent varieties

These 8 succulents are perfect for beginners

Succulents are an easy way to liven up any space. Here are the best varieties for beginners
Sunflower under blue sky

7 easy outdoor flowers to grow for beginners

Beginner gardeners like to start with flowers, and for good reason. Here are 7 picks that are great for new gardeners
watering plants with a garden hose

How to put together the perfect outdoor gardening kit for a first-time homeowner

Did you friend just buy a new home with a gorgeous gardening area? These must-have items are a great housewarming gift
Farm homestead

Starting a small homestead: What you need to know

Here's how to start a homestead, no matter where you live
Succulents in garden

Why this plant finder is now essential to our gardens

Looking for the best plants to include in your garden design? This app may help
Family sitting on a couch watching tv.

Love gardening? These are the shows to stream

These 6 gardening shows are our favorites -- and we know they'll be yours, too.
Person working on computer in garden

High Country Gardens has a super-specific plant finder — and it’s pretty awesome

This plant finder is a lifesaver when it comes to picking the perfect blooms for your garden all year-round.
gardening together

Level up your gardening skills with this free program

Extention services are a sneaky way to learn how to garden for free.
Parent and child working on garden

How to plan a vegetable garden for beginners

Want a veggie garden but don't know how to start? We've got you covered.
Person planting roses

Gardening 101: Grow beautiful red roses just in time for Rose Month

Celebrate Rose Month with this beginner's guide to growing roses.
moth orchid

These are the 7 easiest orchids to grow for beginners

Orchids can be fussy, but these 7 are perfect for beginners
instagram inspiration

Our 10 favorite Instagram accounts for outdoor spaces

Get inspiration for your garden on these beautiful Instagram accounts that give new meaning to #goals
gardening books

7 books every beginning gardener needs to read

These books should be required reading for every new gardener
Monstera plant

7 Reddit communities gardening enthusiasts love

Whether you need to crowdsource plant concerns, have a bevy of questions, or just want to look at weird plants, these subreddits are for you
Person in headphones

Our 8 favorite podcasts for gardeners

Give these a listen the next time you're weeding, planting, or driving to the hardware store for another bag of fertilizer
Parent and kid with plants

Stream these 7 shows to teach kids about plants  

Cultivate a love of gardening in your children with these engaging shows
compost bin

A beginner’s guide to composting

Want to compost? Let us take you through the steps to get started
best gardening books a gardener standing at workbench reading z

The best books to gift to gardeners old and new

Here's a list of our favorite books for the gardener in your life
boxwood bush

Plant these low-maintenance shrubs for an instant garden spruce

Spruce up your garden with these low-maintenance shrubbery ideas
black eyed Susans and coneflowers in a garden

On Plant a Flower Day, start an entire garden of beautiful blooms

Feeling inspired to start a flower garden? We've got you covered
cherry tomatoes

When to harvest cherry tomatoes at peak ripeness for maximum flavor

Get the most flavor from your tomatoes with these harvesting tips
garden tools hanging on a wall

These are the only 5 items you need to start an amazing garden

Start an amazing garden with only these great tools
hydroponic plant growth shutterstock 1728055639

Do hydroponic plants grow faster? Here’s everything you need to know

We debunk some of the most common myths about hydroponic plants in this handy guide.
organic gardening

Want to start an organic garden? This is how to begin

Organic gardening may seem daunting, but this guide will make it simple and fun to start a garden of your own.
cherry tomatoes

Start growing cherry tomatoes today with these 5 tips

Growing cherry tomatoes doesn't have to be a hassle, and these beginner tips make it easy!
Vegetables in a garden

This simple guide will turn you into a master gardener

Gardening isn't for the pros -- it's for you, too, if you follow this good gardener's guide.
Woman gardening in her backyard

These are the best gardening tips — straight from the pros

Gardening can seem like a tough hobby, especially if you're starting out. But our tips from professionals can help your garden look great.
Weigela shrub with pink flowers

Spruce up your front yard with these shrub inspirations

When planting and caring for shrubs, you may have a ton of questions. We have the answers to all your shrub-centric questions.
Potted golden pothos

What’s a pothos plant and how can you keep one alive?

A pothos plant is a hardy and colorful plant to have in your home. We give you the ins and out of caring for one and its varieties.
Garden shovel with dirt

Get your garden right the first time — here’s how

Starting a garden can be daunting. We offer a step-by-step guide and list the products to get it right the first time.
A potted fern on the floor

The 3 best types of indoor ferns for any home gardener

Indoor ferns bring luscious, beautiful greenery into any home. We list three attractive ferns that will thrive in an indoor space.
Ripe red cherry tomatoes on a vine

How to grow cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are one of the more popular varieties of the tomato family. We discuss some of the best ways to grow them.
A potted pothos plant on a table

4 fast-growing indoor plants anyone will love

Indoor plants are beautiful and rewarding for any space. We list four plants you can care for and be a great addition to your home.