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Pink peony bush

What you need to know about finding the perfect peony fertilizer and how to choose one for lush blooms

If you're looking for the best peony fertilizers, we've got your covered. Here are the products that will ensure healthy blooms.
Parent and child having fun by garden

How will the summer solstice affect your garden? What you need to know

Someone presenting a flower arrangement to someone else

Tired of roses? Here are 13 flowers to give instead on Valentine’s Day instead

Groups of holly berries

The truth about holly leaves – interesting facts you might not know

A small songbird eating a red berry in the snow

Add these plants to your garden to provide winter food for your local birds

new growing season pink flowers in snow

Start off the year right: How to prepare your garden for the new growing season

Ornament on a Christmas tree

What to do with an old Christmas tree: 6 ways to recycle your tree after the holidays

woman outside with plants

A complete guide to caring for your Christmas fern, an attractive ground cover

Christmas tree by the fireplace

How long do Christmas trees last? Here are our tips on keeping them fresh for a long time

Three types of heuchera growing outdoors

Trying to beat the cold? Here are our favorite frost-resistant plants for any climate

Three little fake Christmas trees

Real vs. fake Christmas trees: Which is friendlier to the environment?

Decorating a Christmas tree

The 6 best types of Christmas trees to fill your home with holiday cheer

Frosty fern

From mini Christmas trees to ivy wreaths, here are the best small holiday season foliage picks

From ivy wreaths to mini Christmas trees, here are some small alternatives to full-sized Christmas trees this winter.
Five grown tomatoes

Can you grow tomatoes indoors during the cold winter months?

Growing tomatoes inside during the winter is possible. If environment conditions are met, you'll enjoy a fresh indoor harvest!
Pumpkin on a vine

The best vegetables to plant in November

Planting vegetables in November means growing your seedlings indoors, and some plants will fare better than others.

7 ways to reuse your Halloween pumpkin so it doesn’t go to waste

Don't let your Halloween pumpkins go to waste! From cooking to composting, here are some ideas on how to reuse them.
Leaf mulcher

Are mulched leaves good for grass? Here’s how to mulch a lawn full of leaves this fall

Fall leaves can benefit your garden, even making an excellent fertilizer! Our guide helps turn your leaves into mulch.
Squash fall harvest

What to do with all the winter squash from your fall harvest

Here's what to do with all the squash you're harvesting this fall
Pears on a pear tree

What to do with all the pears you’ll be harvesting this fall

Here's what to do with all the pears you're harvesting this fall.
Farmers market

What’s in season at the farmers market this fall

At the farmers market this autumn? Shop smart at the farmers market by knowing what produce is in season.
Pears on cutting board

When do pears come in season? What you need to know

This is everything you need to know about when your homegrown pears are in season and ready for cooking and eating.
Apple harvest

Have an abundant fall apple harvest? Here’s what to do with a bunch of apples

If you have an abundance of apples, here's what to do with all the fresh fruits you're harvesting this fall.
Basil plant on windowsill

Don’t get caught by the cold: How to prepare a basil plant for winter

Basil is one of the most popular plants to grow at home, Our guide helps extend its life cycle through the winter months.
sunflowers in late summer

How late can you plant sunflowers and still see blooms? What you need to know about these beautiful giants

Worried you waited too long to plant sunflowers? Here's what you need to know about how late you can plant them to still get big, beautiful blooms.
A tree with orange and yellow fruit

When is the best time to graft your fruit trees? Here are our suggestions

Should you be grafting your fruit trees? Consider this
Wildflower garden

Change up your garden: The 2022 gardening trends that will liven up your space

Start planning your gardening projects now with these 2022 trends
pink astilbes plants

Gardening 101: How to care for the ornamental perennial, astilbes

A complete guide to caring for astilbes, an ornamental perennial
coiled green hose

Tips to protect your garden hose from freezing temperatures

Make sure your garden hose doesn't suffer this winter by using these tips and tricks
Green grass with light snow cover

How to prepare your garden for winter in just a few days

Prepare your garden for winter in just a few days by following this guide
chopped veggies

What to do with root vegetables from your garden’s harvest

Here's what to do with all the root vegetables you're harvesting this fall
Gourd assortment

So many gourds, so little time! Here are 4 creative ways to use them this fall

Have too many gourds and don't know what to do with them? Here are some creative suggestions
Harvest pumpkins

4 creative ways to use pumpkins once Halloween celebrations are over

Just because Halloween is over, doesn't mean you have to put the pumpkins away. Here are 4 creative uses for them this fall
persimmons on a tree

What to do with the fruit your garden is giving you this month

Here's what to do with all the cabbage you're harvesting this fall
Pumpkin insides

The 3 best ways to use the pumpkin guts after carving

Have leftover pumpkin guts after carving? Here are the best ways to use them up
piled up veggies

Can’t use up all the produce from your harvest? Here are some ideas

We've put together some ideas for what you can do with all the extra produce you harvest this fall.