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Tiny pumpkins

6 eco-friendly halloween decorations straight from your garden

Looking to be eco-friendly with your fall decorations? Here are six ideas that come straight from your garden
Watermelon jack-o-lantern on a beach

7 fruits and vegetables you can carve that aren’t pumpkins

Carve these fruits and vegetables instead of pumpkins for unique fall decor
carrot harvest

What to do with all the carrots from your fall harvest

Here's what to do with all the carrots you're harvesting this fall
Dried corn stalks

4 dried corn stalk decoration ideas for fall

Here are four great ideas for how to use dried corn stalk in your fall decorations
fermented foods

Fall farmers market veggies that are perfect for fermentation projects

If you want to start fermenting produce, consider starting with these veggies and fruits.
fall crops labor day gabriel gurrola fcgprzmtm5w unsplash

The best fall crops to plant after Labor Day

These are the best fall crops to plant after Labor Day
labor day garden chores jim stapleton rzpefluagb8 unsplash

What to do in the garden over the long Labor Day weekend

With the long weekend ahead, here are some gardening chores you can take care of
Child taking picture of garden

The 6 best TikTok accounts for gardening inspiration

Next time you're scrolling through TikTok, check out these users for gardening inspiration
garden path

8 ideas to inspire your garden design

These inspirational ideas will help you with your next garden design
pink astilbes blooming

How long do astilbes bloom? What you need to know

Everything you need to know about an astilbes' bloom season
tomatoes and basil

The best fruits and vegetables to harvest in August

August is the best month for lush harvests. These are the best crops to pick
farmers market produce

How to preserve your fresh farmers market veggies

Did you go overboard at the farmers market? Here's how to wash, cut, and store your veggies
Raspberries at farmers market

Our 10 favorite tips for farmers market shopping success

How to find and successfully shop farmers markets in your area
summer heat and plants angus gray vd0uhc3frac unsplash

How to keep outdoor plants alive in the blistering summer heat

Worried the sun will scorch your plants? Here's how to keep them safe.
1970s garden style

Should you plant a time capsule garden this summer? What you need to know

What is a time capsule garden? Is it right for you? We tell you everything you need to know
garden hoses

Good, better, best: The garden hoses your backyard needs

Garden hoses are critical for all gardeners, and these are our best picks
neglected garden

The best way to quickly spruce up a neglected garden

Is your garden in bad shape? We've got some tips to liven it up in no time
what to plant in summer marya volk 4ryvizjprl0 unsplash

Gardening 101: The summer planting guide every new gardener needs

Our summer planting guide for new and experienced gardeners
Countryside cottage garden

4 gardening trends that will bloom this spring and summer

How to be ahead of gardening trends and influence your friends and neighbors
hot day with a hat

On Stay Out of the Sun Day, invest in these 7 UV-resistant gardening clothes for safe skin all summer

Staying out of the sun doesn't mean avoiding it altogether! Keep your skin safe with our picks
family looking at tomatoes

When you should start planting for summer

Make sure you're on track for summer with this expert guide to planting.
A woman holding a basket of tomato

How to turn your gardening routine into a workout

Get your sweat on while you garden! These are our favorite moves.

When can you plant sunflowers for the most beautiful blooms?

This is when you should plant sunflowers for the biggest, most beautiful blooms.
Someone repotting an indoor plant

8 gardening habits you need to drop this summer

Cut these bad gardening habits out of your life. Seriously.
Broccoli in basket

What you need to know about planting winter vegetables

Planting winter vegetables that can stand up to the cold can be hard. We've got you covered.
Succulent in planter

Ensure your succulents thrive in winter with these 4 tips

Succulents are super hardy -- here's how to ensure they flourish in the winter months
Child watering plants

5 ways you and your family can celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with these 5 ideas for your yard and home
year round flowers laura adai m9qo5k2xms8 unsplash

These perennial blooms look gorgeous all year-round

Ensure your garden is colorful year-round by planting these flowers
frost happy plants

These 10 vegetables thrive in the coldest months of winter

Grow vegetables in the winter months -- these plants love the cold
neat rows of vegetables in a garden

Plotting a seasonal garden can be a tough task — make it easy with this guide

Take on the challenge of plotting a seasonal garden with this guide
winter prep

What your garden needs to survive the off season

When your plants aren't growing, how should you treat your soil? Here's some food for thought.
chair on lawn with perennial border

Planning a four-season garden? Here’s what to consider

Can you put together a four-season garden? Here's how to do it
allergy free plant guide woman smelling flower arrangement

Don’t gift these 5 plants to anyone who has allergies

Gift a beautiful plant and respect someone's allergies with these plants
Person holding tomatoes on plant

10 incredible vegetables to plant in the hot summer months

Plan a beautiful summer vegetable garden with these amazing veggies.
Vegetables in a garden

This simple guide will turn you into a master gardener

Gardening isn't for the pros -- it's for you, too, if you follow this good gardener's guide.