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Gardener amends soil with compost product.

Enrich your soil: The 5 best composts for gardens

Try these amazing composting ideas for your garden to enjoy prolific plant growth.
A metal bucket labeled compost, laying on its side against a blue background. Food scraps spill out of it.

Can you get rid of that terrible compost stench?

A person composting greens

Can you compost meat? What you need to know

Orange and orange peels

Add these fruit peelings to your compost pile to enhance its nutrients

A small pumpkin sitting on top of a fence post

A guide to composting your pumpkins

Compost in brown bag on a floor

How to store compost: Tips and tricks you need to know

Hands full of fallen leaves

How to use fall leaves in your compost pile

Clean carrots on a wooden cutting board

How to clean carrots from your garden for a tasty meal

A person mowing their lawn

Why you should absolutely be composting grass clippings

A kitchen compost bin

How to make a compost bin from a 5-gallon bucket

Family collecting fallen leaves

Composting fall leaves is easier than you think – Here’s how to make use of all those fallen leaves

Shovel in pile of dirt compost

‘Should I Compost in the Fall?’ Yes, Absolutely! Here’s What to Use and How to Do It

A bucket of compost scraps

How often should you turn your compost pile? What you need to know

Composting is stinky, and turning your pile only makes things worse, but it's got to be done. Here's how often you should.
Hands holding compost

How long does it take to make compost for your soil?

How long does it take to make compost to use in your garden? Here are the steps to making compost for your soil.
A black plastic compost tumbler in a garden

Can you compost orange peels? What you need to know

Have you wondered if you can add all your leftover orange peels to your compost bin? Here's what you need to know.
Hands holding compost

How to turn your compost to keep the soil aerated and nutrient-rich

Turning your compost pile for the best results may seem intimidated. Here's what you need to know.
A person holding compost in their hands

3 composting lessons we learned from YouTube channel World Composting

The World Composting YouTube channel is full of great advice. Here's what we've learned
Garden for composting crops

Level up your garden: Grow these crops to compost immediately (yes, really)

Enhance your composting routine by growing these crops.
Gardeners adding compost to a plant

Compost in your own backyard to maximize your blooms for your bucks

Red worm and outdoor composting systems reduce gardeners' reliance on synthetic fertilizers and help the environment by diverting organic waste out of landfills
A sunny orchard of citrus trees with yellowish citrus fruits

Can you compost lemons? This is what we know

Here's everything we know about whether or not you can compost lemons
Dark soil with small red worms

What not to compost and why

To keep your compost pile healthy, don't compost these items
Person adding vegetable scraps to a compost container

Composting made easy: pickup services help divert food waste from landfills

Compost pickup services help users take personal responsibility and divert waste from landfills, but more infrastructure remains necessary for meaningful change
A kitchen compost bin

7 items you won’t believe you can compost

What you can (and can't) compost is always a hot topic, but we've discovered some surprisingly compostable items for your bin.
Raking autumn leaves

9 benefits that make composting leaves worth it

Leaf composting can be a chore, but these benefits make it all worth it!
Small green compost bin indoors

How to build the perfect apartment composting system

Learn how composting can work for you in your apartment -- you and the planet will be very happy
A metal bucket labeled compost, laying on its side against a blue background. Food scraps spill out of it.

Take these 3 steps to start kitchen composting today

Kitchen composting isn't tough -- we break down the basics so you can get started
best compost starters gardners supply starter

Good, better, best: The right compost starter for your home

These are our favorite compost starters -- and they'll be yours, too
compost bin in use

Do you need worms to compost indoors?

Can you compost without worms or do they have to come into your house?
A black plastic compost tumbler in a garden

Will your compost smell? This is how to tell

Is your compost pile going to smell? Here's what to know
soil care nutrient depletion eddie kopp kpzwi56rbky unsplash

Worried about soil depletion? How to make sure your garden’s soil is nutrient rich year-round

Ensure your soil stays healthy -- here's how to tell when it's time to take action.
compost bin in use

Composting: Gardening game changer or stinky myth?

Does compost really work, or is it just a bunch of hype?
Compost in brown bag on a floor

How to know when to add compost to your vegetable garden

Learn when and how to add compost to your vegetable garden with this simple guide.
Soil with small green sprout and little signs labeling the nutrients in the soil

The nutrients plants need and the best ways to feed them

Plants, like people, need nutrients to survive and thrive. We list the nutrients needed and how to get them to your plants.
Shovel in pile of dirt compost

Can you compost year-round?

Is composting only good during certain seasons? We tell you what you need to know about composting successfully year-round!
Shovel in pile of dirt compost

Composting 101: When to add it to your garden

You may be wondering about adding compost to your garden. We discuss the most important things about the basics of composting.