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Indoor Herbs & Vegetables

A person holding a basket full of assorted vegetables

The best vegetables to plant in December

Vegetables planted in December need to grow indoors, and then you transplant them in the spring. We list the ones that are ideal for this.
Onion with roots showing

Can you grow onions in containers? What you need to know

Five grown tomatoes

If you’re curious about growing tomatoes indoors during winter, here’s what to do

Basil plant on windowsill

Don’t get caught by the cold: How to prepare a basil plant for winter

A bundle of fresh mugwort

Grow these herbs for Halloween to make your celebration even spookier

Coriander seeds and cilantro leaves

Coriander vs. cilantro: Here’s how these herbs differ

A person potting plants

5 tips for starting an amazing basement garden

A potted indoor mint plant

Here’s how to grow mint indoors for delicious results

Herbs in Mason jars

This DIY Mason jar herb garden is the perfect weekend project

Dill herb

The 6 best dill companion plants to grow in your garden

Two hands side by side, one holding seeds the other holding a seedling

Gardening 101: 7 easy seeds to grow in cups for a tiny, adorable, and low-maintenance indoor garden

Fresh sprigs of flat leaf parsley

How are Italian parsley and curly parsley different? Here’s what we know

Basil plant in pot

How to keep pests away from your delicate basil plants

Basil is a wonderful herb, but what isn't so wonderful are pests eating its leaves. We provide handy tips on what to do about it.
Small indoor herb garden

Does your small house need a small indoor herb garden? Here’s what to plant and how to do it

Are your meals lacking the flavor you crave, but you think you don't have enough space for an indoor herb garden? We've got tips that just might help!
Fresh bean sprouts in a bowl

Wondering how to grow bean sprouts? Follow this guide for this tasty staple ingredient

If you've ever wondered how to grow bean sprouts to add some authentic flavor to your stir fry dishes, we've got you covered with this how-to guide.
Lemongrass bundle

Beyond basil and cilantro, add these unique plants to your indoor herb garden

Besides your basic cilantro and basil, consider adding these unique herbs to give your kitchen garden an extra kick.
Sprigs of Christmas herbs next to holly and twine

The best Christmas herbs to grow to infuse the Yuletide spirit into your home

The best and easiest-to-grow holiday herbs for infusing your home with yuletide cheer and stepping up your recipes.
A container gardening display

Use these tips to start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter

Start a successful indoor vegetable garden this winter by following this guide.
A woman watering her indoor herbs

How to move your vegetable gardening indoors for a winter harvest

Add these plants to your garden this October so you can have a winter harvest.
Purple onion

Growing onions in containers is easier than you think – here’s how to do it

Think you need a big outdoor garden to grow delicious onions? Think again! Here's our guide to growing onions in pots with tasty results.
Growing chives

5 companion plants to keep your chive plants company

When planning out your indoor or outdoor garden, consider these 5 companion plants to grow alongside your chives to help them thrive.
Harvested lettuce in a bowl

How to grow lettuce indoors to ensure you have healthy greens all year long

With just a few items and some patience, you can grow this salad staple right in your kitchen! Here's how to grow lettuce indoors.
Dill herb

From harvest to the table: Here’s how to grow delicious dill

Here's a complete guide to growing dill, a delicious, tangy herb.
Fresh bunch of cilantro

How to grow the super-divisive cilantro plant to brighten up your meals

Here's everything you need to know about how to plant, grow, and harvest cilantro for fresh herbs all season long.
Ear of corn

Can you grow corn indoors? The answer might surprise you

Corn is a big plant that produces big flavor—but can you grow it indoors? Here are the details you need to know.
growing chives

How to grow chives from seed in your garden or kitchen so that you always have fresh herbs on hand

We’ll teach you how to grow chives from seed outside in a garden or from the windowsill of your own kitchen. Let's get started!
Basil plant

Add flavor to your cooking: How to grow delicious basil

Basil is a much-loved herb for a reason. Here's how to grow it properly.
A person reaching for a head of lettuce

Can you grow herbs hydroponically?

Can you start herbs in a hydroponic garden? Here's which plants to try.
Potted herbs on a windowsill

Add spice and flavor to your meals — Start an indoor herb garden

All you need to know about growing your own indoor herb garden. Do this and you'll add spice and flavor to your meals.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cardamom and how it’s used

Everything you've wanted to know about cardamom, its benefits, and how it can be used
Dried oregano

Drying herbs is easy and inexpensive. Here’s when and how to do so

A guide on how to dry herbs, why you should, and when to do so
Pieces of fresh ginger root

7 clever and creative ways to use ginger, a nutrient-rich plant

7 creative uses for ginger you may not have considered
Greek oregano

How to grow Greek oregano, a fragrant, zesty subspecies of oregano

A complete guide to growing Greek oregano, a fragrant, zesty subspecies of oregano

Oregano vs. Mexican oregano: What their differences are and why it matters

Oregano and Mexican oregano can be difficult to tell apart. Here are their differences and why it matters
Herbs on kitchen counter

Bring your herb garden indoors for the winter to keep your harvest healthy

How to bring your herb garden indoors this winter to make sure the herbs continue to thrive