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Steaming Pile Of Dung

How to build your own compost heating system

Is heated compost a great fertilizing option for your greenhouse, or is it not worth the time and effort?
Backyard Swimming Pool With Cover

Pool maintenance during winter months: Everything you need to know

You're not using it, but your pool still needs care in the off season. Here's our care guide.
Seedlings Under A Grow Light

Gardening 101: How to choose the best greenhouse grow lights

Not all greenhouse lights are the same -- here's what you need to consider when purchasing lights
Man showering in outdoor shower

Why your backyard needs an outdoor shower

Skip the hose -- having your own outdoor shower is even better
An Outdoor Pizza Oven With Wood Fire

How to build an outdoor pizza oven

There's something special about homemade pizza -- here's how to cook it outside in your own backyard.
Backyard greenhouse with lots of plants

5 greenhouse organization tools you need to buy today

Greenhouse storage doesn't have to be ugly -- these are our favorite solutions.
Person Holding Green Plant

How to start a patio garden that will wow your summer guests

Lacking in green space or just looking to spruce up the place a bit? Here's how to start a beautiful garden on your patio.
best gas grill types and steaks

How to pick the best gas grill for your patio

What type of grill is best for you? There are a lot of choices -- we help you narrow it down
A clear glass greenhouse with plants inside and around it

How to build a backyard greenhouse for under $500

Spend your stimulus money on a beautiful greenhouse -- here's how to do it.
Flowers Sitting On a Deck

Design a deck vegetable garden — here’s how

This is how to put together a beautiful deck veggie garden
Child watering plants in polytunnel

How small is too small for an indoor greenhouse?

What size is best for a mini greenhouse? Here are our thoughts
raised garden bed

Use your stimulus payment to splurge on these 5 items for your garden

Your garden deserves some love, too -- this is what we would spend our money on.
Brown Haired Woman Sitting On Detached Patio

Detached deck ideas you can implement in a week

Doing up a deck doesn't have to be challenging -- here are some ideas that take less than 7 days to implement
Spacious Lounge With Indoor Greenhouse

How to make an indoor greenhouse

You can build a beautiful indoor greenhouse in a few simple steps
Potted Trees on Beige Balcony

These are the best trees to grow on your patio

These trees will thrive in pots and make your deck look great
Fish Eye Photography of Greenhouse Gardens

5 plants to start off your greenhouse

These beginner plants will make your greenhouse look great right away
Stand Alone Deck Near Ocean

How to build a freestanding deck step by step

Everything you need to know when building a freestanding deck
Grow lights in greenhouse

What are grow lights, and will they work for your greenhouse?

Some artificial lights can help plants grow -- but not all of them work well in a greenhouse
Couch, lounger, and table on outdoor patio

The ultimate care guide for your outdoor wood furniture

Take care of your wooden furniture with these tips and products
Couple enjoying drinks by the pool

Above-ground vs. in-ground pools: Which one is right for you?

So you want to build a pool? How to tell which type is right for you.
Woman Standing In A Greenhouse

Other uses for your greenhouse — besides growing flowers

You can use a greenhouse for more than growing flowers -- here are some of our suggestions
garden gnome

How to choose cute and functional decor items for your front garden

Add elegance and practicality to your garden with this inspirational guide.
Small black tubes running parallel to the ground, dripping water

How to choose the best irrigation system for your greenhouse

Select the best irrigation system for your greenhouse with this starter guide
Woman wearing gloves painting the back of a garden bench

Repair or repurpose? What to do with old, broken patio furniture

Don't toss out old furniture -- repurpose it this way instead
White metal rocking chair

Bring a piece of vintage to your backyard with these 3 pieces

Add some beautiful vintage pieces to your patio -- here's how to get inspired
A person holding a potted plant

Start a back porch garden in 5 easy steps

Grow beautiful blooms on your porch. Here's how to start.
A person grilling

Built-in grills make outdoor living better: These are the best

These are the best grills for any outdoor entertaining space.
design indoor garden room nature jpg

What is a garden room, and can you build one yourself?

Build a beautiful indoor green space with this guide.
A patio filled with plants

Urban patio ideas to turn small spaces into lively gathering spots

Your small outdoor space can still wow guests! Here are some ideas.
An in-ground swimming pool

The 10 rules every backyard swimming area should have

Set rules for a safe and fun pool space. Here are our recommendations
A bench in an English garden

The English garden: How to know if it’s right for you

What's an English garden, and would it work for you? We break down everything you need to know.
An outdoor beige patio set

Choosing the best furniture for fun outdoor gatherings

You need the right furniture to host outdoor gatherings. Here's what to consider when purchasing patio furniture.
An outdoor built-in grill

Considering a built-in grill? Here’s what to think about

Not all built-in grills are the same. Here are our tips on how to choose the best grill for you.
Modern deck lighting

Modern lighting ideas to brighten any backyard space

Bring a touch of modern style to your backyard with this helpful outdoor lighting guide.
Team doing greenhouse pest control

The most common greenhouse pests and how to control them

Greenhouse pest control doesn't have to be taxing on your plants or your budget -- here's how to control the most common pests.