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A pile of fallen leaves

How to make leaf mulch (and why you should)

Want to make leaf mulch and don't know where to start? We've got you covered
Stack of seed potatoes on a pile of soil

Where to buy seed potatoes for your garden

A raindrop splashing down into a barrel of water

Is it illegal to collect rainwater? What you should know before setting up your rain barrels

A person mowing their lawn

Why you should absolutely be composting grass clippings

Migrating bird flocks

How to attract migratory birds to your yard

Gray songbird at wooden bird feeder full of seeds

Want to make homemade bird food using seeds from your garden? Here are the best plants to use

Overflowing rain barrel in a garden

Save money on your water bill: How to make a rain barrel

A person holding a seedling

Could electrogardening be the way of the future?

A small songbird eating a red berry in the snow

Add these plants to your garden to provide winter food for your local birds

An assortment of frozen vegetables against a white background

How to properly store and preserve your harvest vegetables in cold storage

Person with small plant in hands

What is coconut soil, and how can it make your garden better?

Bonemeal or blood meal

Gardening 101: The difference between blood meal vs. bonemeal

Cherry tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes in pots for fresh, juicy results all growing season long

Tomatoes are easy to grow on your own. You don’t even need a big space or a garden. Check out this guide on how to successfully grow tomatoes in pots.
Red leaves on a tree branch

What is leaf mold and how can it benefit your garden?

A guide to what leaf mold compost is and how it can be beneficial in your garden
Monarch butterfly near purple aster flowers

The pesticides market is now worth $11 billion; that’s a huge problem

The pesticides market is nearly worth $11 billion. Here's why that's a problem.
A hand dropping fertilizer around a seedling

The 5 best soil conditioners we’ve found this year

We've put together a guide to the best soil conditioner brands you can buy
A person watering their houseplant

Are houseplants really good for the environment?

We love houseplants, but are they good for the environment? Here's what we know
Gloved hands holding soil with different colored balls of fertilizer in it

How to choose the best soil conditioner for your garden

A guide on choosing soil conditioner for your garden
Person adding vegetable scraps to a compost container

Composting made easy: pickup services help divert food waste from landfills

Compost pickup services help users take personal responsibility and divert waste from landfills, but more infrastructure remains necessary for meaningful change
watching a documentary

5 great gardening documentaries to watch for inspiration

These gardening documentaries will give you all the inspiration you need to get back to your gardening roots
soil conditioners

How to use soil conditioner to cultivate beautiful plants and rich soil

Soil conditioner may be the secret for your best gardening year ever. Here's how to use it
A person holding a seedling and soil in cupped hands

What does blood meal do for plants? This is what we know

Blood meal -- sounds scary, but it's actually great for your plants.
Pulling dandelion weed

5 organic herbicides under $30 that will kill weeds every time

These organic herbicides are not only good for the environment, but also kill weeds every time
organic gardening

Master gardeners say these are the benefits of organic gardening

Organic gardening is more than just a buzzword -- Angelo Randaci says it's good for your health
Gardener pulling weed

These are the 3 best organic herbicides for weeds

Manage weeds without worrying about chemicals -- these brands hurt weeds but not your plants
herb seedlings

Our favorite places to buy organic herb seeds

Start a beautiful organic garden with seeds from these sources.
organic or non-GMO seeds

Organic vs. non-GMO: How to choose the best seeds for you

Is there a difference between organic and GMO seeds?
Two large brown slugs eating a plant

Organic solutions for managing slugs in your garden and around your home

Manage slugs without chemicals -- these alternatives are great
Hands covering the base of a sapling with mulch

Is organic garden mulch different from regular mulch?

Is there a difference between organic and regular mulch?
Person handling soil

Downtime projects: How to prepare soil for gardens

Prep your garden with good soil and you'll reap the benefits
Growing potatoes in a garden

3 of the best ways to grow organic potatoes in your garden

Grow your family some delicious organic potatoes by following these three steps.
Plant fertilized with pellets

Confused in the fertilizer aisle? Here’s how to choose what’s right for your plants

Choosing a fertilizer can be daunting, but this comprehensive guide makes it easy
organic gardening

Want to start an organic garden? This is how to begin

Organic gardening may seem daunting, but this guide will make it simple and fun to start a garden of your own.
rubber crumb in the hands of man

Is non-wood mulch safe for your garden?

There are other mulch options out there, but are they safe for your plants? Here's what to consider.
Person adding fertilizer to a garden

How organic fertilizer enriches your garden for years to come

Organic fertilizer can impact your garden way beyond the growing season. We list the reasons why it is beneficial for your garden.